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About us

Phood is a VC-backed tech startup, leveraging AI and computer vision to tackle our most actionable solution to climate change.


In 2015, CEO Luc Dang read that nearly half of the food produced in the United States goes to waste, and decided to leave his corporate finance job to do something about it. Phood began working with universities and other large-scale foodservice operators to test an assumption: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. 


By employing a simple tracking system, Phood made a dramatic impact. In its first round of trials, Phood reduced waste by an average of 40%, and saved the University of Connecticut $50,000 of food costs in less than one year. 


Phood quickly expanded across New England, helping other universities, senior living facilities, and even retail grocery stores prevent large quantities of food waste. The work was picked up by major news outlets and gave Luc the opportunity to speak around the world - from Harvard’s Food Law and Policy Clinic to Taiwan for the United Nations. 


Seven years later, the mission remains as the technology evolves: uncover the unknown, and do something about it. 


Food waste is the world’s most illogical problem and we all have a role to play in addressing it. For far too long, it’s been considered a cost of doing business, but between the profit potential and social/environmental imperative, the truth says otherwise. Phood was built at the intersection of smart business and sustainability to harness technology for good and drive impact at the bottom line and beyond. 

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