COVID-19: Phood for Frontlines

At Phood Solutions Inc. we know that times like these are a catalyst for community action and an opportunity to service others.


While continuing to passionately support our current partners during COVID-19, Phood is excited to announce our Phood For Frontlines initiative. As organizations rapidly expand operations to accommodate increased demand for donation and distribution outlets, food donations are increasing, but from new and unfamiliar sources. This is resulting in new types of food waste at a time when, more than ever, people are in need of meals. 


Phood is well positioned to assist organizations in efficiently managing fluctuating inventory to ensure as many people as possible are receiving food. We will be partnering with a select number of qualified meal distribution organizations to provide our inventory and waste tracking analytics in support of our community. 

Organizations interested in exploring the value our system can provide to your operation and becoming a Phood For Frontlines partner, please reach out to

Our Pledge

Phood Solutions Inc. continues to support food service providers around the clock as they adapt to uncertain circumstances and shifting operations. Phood’s waste tracking and data analytics will help food businesses operate more efficiently, reduce wasted inventory, and provide cost savings in a time of incredible need.


We look forward to continual innovation and to finding news ways to add value for our customers that will carry forward into the future.

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