Phood follows the method most favored by the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy  and provides actionable data insights on wasteful practices to businesses of all sizes.

Using Phood's XL Model, waste tracking fits seamlessly into your kitchen routine. Daily food waste is disposed of as it normally would be. Every item thrown away is immediately detected by our smart-scale and integrated A.I. camera, before being logged to a comprehensive cloud-based data analytics platform. 

You can’t manage what you can’t measure,

so we make measuring easy.

Track Food - Container on a Phood Scale


Let our system do the work.

Keep your kitchen flowing while our system tracks your waste in 4 seconds or less.

Phood Review Analytics


Data at your fingertips.

Find out what is being wasted, where it comes from, and why it’s happening.

Reduce on your food waste


Make a change for a better future.

Use these data-driven, actionable insights to stop food waste before it starts.

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